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Special Occasions Perfume Set For Women

Special Occasions Perfume Set For Women

  • Brand:: RoseMary Paris
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RoseMary Paris formed this special set for special occasions, memory, charming, and crystal blend, to be with you at all times.

Charming, An attractive distinguished women perfume, designed with the magic of lemon scent and the delicate touch of Jasmine. Memory, So we can always be with you, we've invented this artistic perfume that is made of Jasmine, kiwi, and damask rose flowers, all combined with Vanilla to give a sweet scent with a strong base of musk, amber, and patchouli for a strong unique perfume. Crystal an oriental strong perfume that has a long-lasting effect. This Eau de perfume is made of four kinds of oud: white, black, Cambodian, and vaporized oud. it is part of the new collection Blend that was released by RoseMary Paris in 2020.

Charming Fragrance Ingredients:

Top notes: Lemon - Bergamot - Peach - Red berries - Apple -

Middle notes: Sandalwood - Rose - Jasmine -

Base notes: Musk - Amber - Vanilla.

Memory Fragrance Ingredients:

Top notes: Kiwi - Jasmine

Middle notes: Cube Rose - Damask rose

Base notes: Musk - Lemon - Sandalwood - Amber - Patchouli - Vanilla - Wood.

Crystal Blend Fragrance Ingredients:

Top notes: white oud, black oud

Middle notes: Cambodian ou

Base noets: vaporized oud

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Eau de Perfume
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