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RoseMary Paris is a French artistic perfumery house that was established in 2006, specializes in capturing the essence of beauty and passion of the French monarchy era, creating an elegant yet contemporary bewitching essence that fascinates the soul and reflects luxury.

 Throughout the years of the brand development and success, RoseMary was well received by the savvy customers who appreciated its essences that are unique and long-lasting, and after such a remarkable success, and to build on a strong and loyal customer base, the brand started expanding internationally, by forming an alliance with a pioneering French perfume manufacturer and developer, which will provide world-class expertise and know-how, and help to create a state of the art quality products 

 French hospitals, at one time, burnt Juniper berries with rosemary to correct vitiated or poor quality air and to prevent infection. They may have also used “rosemary” for healing powers. In the French language of flowers, rosemary represents the power of rekindling lost energy. 

 RoseMary Paris name was inspired by “rosemary” herb which is known as (an evergreen aromatic shrub of the mint family, native to southern Europe. The narrow leaves are used in the perfumery, and as an emblem of remembrance). Rosemary found its way into Shakespeare’s best masterpieces, As Ophelia says in “Hamlet”:
“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember”

He also mentions how the English once placed rosemary in coffins and around graves in “Romeo and Juliet” when Father Lawrence says:
“Dry up your tears, and stick your Rosemary on this fair Corse”